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Since 1986, Alpha Ecological has been a leading commercial pest control company. Our professional team will customize a program to meet your needs — and your budget — while providing prompt service and expert guidance. Our commercial pest control services and more are currently available in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado and Texas.

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Our Responsible Approach to pest control is more effective than traditional extermination because we focus on prevention and targeted application of the highest quality, reduced-toxicity products available. Alpha Ecological understands your need for effective pest solutions and will customize commercial pest management programs for any of the following:

Bundle your services with Alpha Ecological and save yourself not only a hassle, but money, too!
All of Alpha Ecological’s commercial pest control services include free inspections and written proposals, competitive pricing, multiple location discounts and corporate billing, WDO/WDIR/WDIIR Pest and Dry Rot Reports, Site Monitoring Logs, flexible hours of treatment and emergency service, and Quality Assurance programs. In addition, we enjoy providing educational workshops for employees, tenants, homeowners associations and more.

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“…friendly, approachable, professional and courteous. Alpha Ecological always takes care of all of our needs.”

Burgerville   Jim Gilbert,
Director of Facilities Maintenance- Burgerville

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