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Idaho Owl Terrorizes Locals

flying owl

Owls are usually our allies at Alpha Ecological pest control in Caldwell, ID, but one Couer d’Alene couple had the surprise of a lifetime one morning when they discovered a yellow-eyed, tan owl in their living room. Continue reading

“Monsters” in the Attic?


Unfortunately for homeowners everywhere, attics and crawlspaces are places where monsters often lurk. An Alpha Ecological attic restoration or crawlspace restoration will help eliminate existing pests and protect your home from future invasions. Continue reading

Fire Ants and Crazy Ants at War

fire ants

Fire ants and crazy ants have been battling for territory in Argentina and Brazil for years, and now these insects have taken their battle to the South. Alpha Ecologcial exterminators in Fort Worth, TX are ready to help remove both sets of these insects from your home. Continue reading

“Fall” in love, but not with Stink Bugs!

Stink Bug Facts

As yesterday, September 22nd, was the first official day of fall, a refresher on pests that are prominent during this season is quite timely. In the northwest, the rapid change of weather from the long, drought-stricken summer means an influx of one of the Northwest’s most hated pests: the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Halyomorpha halys. Although this pest may be … Continue reading