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The 5 Spookiest Insects

spooky fake insects

Halloween is quickly approaching, and with it tales of monsters, ghosts and goblins. Some bugs and insects appear quite monstrous, and are very real! Here are the five spookiest insects that require pest control. Continue reading

When Bats Attack!

flying bat

Take preventative measures this fall to ensure that bats stay out of your home! Prevention is the first step in bat control. Once these animals have made themselves at home, they are not easily moved. Continue reading

Idaho Pests to Watch for in Winter

mouse chewing hole

Did you know that certain household pests are particularly active during the winter months? Watch for these signs that pests are nesting in your home, and contact a pest control expert to help winterize your home this season. Continue reading

Fight the Invasion of Spiders

giant spider decoration

With Halloween approaching, spider decorations are invading homes across the country. While real spiders aren’t as big, they can be much more frightening. Keep spiders out of your home this fall with preventative tips and spider pest control. Continue reading

Idaho Owl Terrorizes Locals

flying owl

Owls are usually our allies at Alpha Ecological pest control in Caldwell, ID, but one Couer d’Alene couple had the surprise of a lifetime one morning when they discovered a yellow-eyed, tan owl in their living room. Continue reading