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Wildlife Proof Your Home

raccoon in roof

Wild animals are attracted to homes for many reason, such as seeking warmth, shelter, and food sources. Keep animals outside where they belong with Alpha Ecological pest control in Ridgefield, WA and these simple tips. Continue reading

Insects of Arizona: Assassin Bug


The insect Pselliopus barberi, otherwise known as the “assassin bug,” is a unique insect that can be spotted in Arizona. Learn all about the assassin bug’s bite and when you should contact an exterminator in Phoenix, AZ. Continue reading

Common Fall Pests


Alpha Ecological exterminators in Denver, CO witness it every fall – countless bugs and rodents scurry into local homes in search of warmth and shelter. Take preventative measures to keep common fall pests out of your home. Continue reading

Scorpion Attacks Man in Grocery Store


The most common scorpion in Phoenix is the Arizona Bark Scorpion, which also happens to be the most venomous scorpion in Arizona. If you see scorpions in your home, don’t try to deal with them yourself. Call Alpha Ecological Pest Control in Tucson, AZ. Continue reading