Crawl Space Restoration

Some of the main reasons people search for crawl space restoration: they have had a recent home inspection or another service issue (plumbing problem, electrical etc.) and that service representative has alerted the customer that they have issues in their crawl space. Sometimes customers are concerned after they see mold growth, notice an odor issue, or a pest or wildlife issue under their home or in their crawl.

A lot of customer’s homes (especially older homes) are lacking a significant Vapor Barrier. A Vapor barrier is the layer of polypropylene plastic that is placed on the ground of a crawlspace. It is code for homes to have at least 6mm thick plastic covering the ground with a one foot overlap on all seams and one foot up the foundation walls. This is crucial to keeping humidity levels lower inside the home, as the soil moisture evaporates and rises through the home creating issues with mold, mildew, and wood rot in the crawlspace and attic.
The crawlspace team at Alpha (formerly Green Choice) offers a wide range of additional construction services to insure that each and every customer’s home is sealed and properly sanitized so that future infestations are eliminated. Some of these construction services include: trenching, sump pump installation, moisture alarm installation, outside french drain installation, drywall installation, gutter drain and repair, vapor barrier removal and replacement, attic and crawlspace insulation removal and replacement and upgrades, air gap sealing, pest and wildlife exclusion, ventilation installation, soil gas mitigation, humidistat and thermostat fan installation, antifungal treatment, borate treatment, post and beam replacement, feces and contaminate removal, crawl access hatch repair and installation, foundation seal coat, exclusion of pests including rodents, birds and other wildlife.
Further protecting your home, we also offer sewage remediation, dry rot repair and foundation repair, as well as structural repairs and additions.


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