Other Services

Alpha Ecological is more than a recognized leader in green pest control. We also provide a variety of other high quality services to help protect and maintain the health of your home, business, commercial or multi-family properties. In addition to pest management, you can also look forward to receiving the best available bird control, crawl space and attic restoration, minor construction, and select property maintenance services.

Not only does having one service provider make things simple for you, both residential and commercial pest control clients regularly take advantage of discounts which are offered to current customers. You enjoy discounts and the peace of mind that your trusted pest control company handles it all!

Alpha Ecological provides pest control, bird control, crawlspace and attic restoration, bird control, minor construction and select property maintenance services in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Texas and Colorado. Find a location near you or inquire online about pest control or our other high quality services.

Commercial clients click here for more information regarding services available for business, commercial and multi-family housing properties.

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