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We are excited to announce that Alpha Ecological has now merged with Presto-X for your pest control needs in Colorado Springs, Colorado


Presto-X Knows Your Local Colorado Springs Pests

Spiders in Denver, Colorado

Located at the base of Pike’s Peak and the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs is a terrific place to live. No just for people, but unfortunately for a variety of household pests as well including rodents, spiders, and bed bugs. Presto-X is your Colorado Springs pest control solution.

Presto-X, a Colorado Springs pest control company, provides pest control crawl-space restoration and Integrated Pest Management to Colorado Springs and entire Denver metro area. We’re experts on local pests and we understand which conditions attract them to homes. Unlike traditional exterminators who overspray dangerous chemicals, we use earth-friendly products to target problematic areas and remove pests for the long term. Best of all your family won’t be exposed to harmful substances; all of our products are low-toxicity and highly effective.

Our green approach to pest control will help you find peace of mind so that you can enjoy Colorado Springs at its finest! Call us at our Colorado office listed below or fill out our contact form.

Presto-X in Colorado Springs, Colorado

We serve the following zip codes with quality pest control services

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Colorado Springs, CO 80903

We are experts when it comes to eradicating your home of ants, bed bugs, bees, beetles, box elders, cockroaches, carpet beetles, fleas, flies, mice, mosquitos, rats, scorpions, silverfish, spiders, springtails, termites, ticks, wasps, yellow jackets and more!

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