Preparing Your Woodland, WA Garden for Fall Frost

As fall creeps in and the days get cooler, it’s time to get your home garden ready for the frost that will soon be upon us in Woodland, WA. Alpha Ecological Pest Control is sharing some tips for what to plant in the fall, how this time of year can impact your garden, and ensuring […]

Celebrate Bad Poetry Day With Alpha Ecological

  On August 18, a few people in the world celebrate a holiday that embraces exchanging bad poetry that they’ve found – or even wrote themselves. It’s called Bad Poetry Day, and Alpha Ecological pest control in Middleton, ID are happy to share the buggy versus they’ve discovered over the years that, of course, have […]

Business Bugs: Paradise Valley Pests that Can Pester Your Guests

Paradise Valley, AZ is home to a wide array of beautiful, luxurious villas, restaurants, and entertainment that guests come to visit from all over the country. Yet that wide variety of five-star food brings more than just a wide array of people – but a lot of different pests. Exterminators at Alpha Ecological are all […]

Say Goodbye to Those Slimy Slugs

Aside from being your number one choice for extermination and pest control, Alpha Ecological wants to equip you with the knowledge to take on your own manageable pest situations. For those living in Gold Hill, Oregon, this means those slugs wreaking havoc in your garden. Oregon provides the perfect environment for slug domination. Your garden […]

Removing Ticks from Your Canine Companion

Quite possibly the only thing worse than finding a tick on yourself, is finding one on your canine companion. The helpless pooch didn’t even see it coming, and now you’re going to accidentally cause them some pain while trying to remove the tiny pest. Have no fear, Alpha Ecological has some advice on the best […]

Become a Backyard Beekeeper

Honey bees are in serious danger of disappearing in the United States, as their die-off rate through winter has increased dramatically in recent years. Exterminators at Alpha Ecological Pest Control in Carrolls, WA, and across the country, have adopted green pest control strategies to minimize environmental harm. Green pest control focuses on using less toxic […]

Insect Spotlight: Periodical Cicadas

If you live in Morrison, Colorado, chances are you’ve seen, or rather heard, a cicada before. However, you may not have had the pleasure of meeting some of the cicadas that live farther east. Alpha Ecological wants to introduce you to the swarms of bugs that fascinate pest control experts across the country. Humble Beginnings […]

Unamusing Pests at Amusement Parks

It’s a beautiful evening at Elitch Gardens — until the mosquitoes start to bite. Lollipop Park serves up great pizza, but ants can take the edge off your appetite. Without professional pest control, our favorite Aurora CO amusement parks can quickly turn into family-fun buzzkills. These entertainment centers work hard to ensure you enjoy a […]

The Bremerton Bug Museum

If you take the ferry from Seattle across Puget Sound for a visit to the Naval Shipyard, enjoy the big boats, and then stroll on west across Charleston Beach Road. You can’t miss the chorus line of bright, red ladybugs dancing across the roofline of the Bug Museum. Beloved by locals, visitors and even area […]

Two New Daddy Long Legs Species Found in Denver

You’ve noticed them around the house and hanging out in Washington Park, but they rarely inspire frantic calls to local exterminators. If Denver, CO could name a favorite spider, it would probably be the bouncing daddy longlegs. This fascinating arthropod’s world was recently rocked by the discovery of two prehistoric family members found alive and […]