Name That Bug

Have you ever wished that you could change your name for just a little while? February 13 is officially Get a New Name Day, but what if bugs could do the same thing? Here’s a list of five interesting insects that exterminators here in Grandview, WA know by several different names. 1. Stink Bugs If […]

Comparing Integrated Pest Management with Outdated Pest Control

When it comes to pest control, not all services are created equal. In fact, it’s important to know which style of pest control is being used in and around your home. Alpha Ecological serves Star, Idaho and our other Alpha Ecological locations with Integrated Pest Management (IPM). If you’ve never heard of IPM, or don’t […]

Houseplant Pests 101

Looking for an excuse to celebrate the second Sunday in January? It’s Houseplant Appreciation Day, so give your favorite holly fern a high five. If you spot tiny creatures scurrying under its leaves, it might not be time to call exterminators just yet, but indoor plants here in Lafayette, OR do appreciate a little pest […]

A Richardson Rat Problem

Life just north of DFW’s hustle and bustle is a smooth sail for folks here in Richardson, TX; that is until the conversation turns to pest control. You share your concerns with friends, and everyone agrees. This is a wonderful spot to raise a family, but rats can be a problem in Richardson. The neighborhoods […]

Make Your New Year Plans for Pest Control

Resolutions are fun to make and easy to break, so why not try something different this year. Imagine heading off the bugs that bother you before they get the upper antennae. Picture the backyard without buzzing swarms and the house without sneaky invaders. Draw up a New Year plan for pest control that lets you […]

What Could Be Crawling in Your Crawlspace?

When chilly winds blow in off Puget Sound, you’re not the only one ducking the cold. As you snuggle down indoors, animals are making themselves comfortable inside your home as well. Crawl spaces, critters and pest control go hand in hand here in Edmonds, WA, where winter weather sends people and creatures alike scurrying inside. […]

More than Just a Pest Control Company

When home and business owners here in Golden, CO need professional exterminators, they know they can depend on us for green solutions and responsible pest control. What many of our customers may not know is that Alpha Ecological also specializes in maintaining properties and preserving their good health. Let us take this opportunity to introduce […]

Unwanted Presents in the Christmas Tree

Surprise packages always make the holidays more fun, but unexpected guests hiding in Christmas tree branches don’t inspire the same cheer. This time of year, the Alpha Ecological team gets frequent calls from concerned Southworth, WA homeowners wondering why there are insects in their Christmas trees. Let us shine some light on bugs that share […]

Bugs that Light up the Night

When Tejon Street gets ready for the annual Festival of Lights, you know that Christmas is right around the corner. Our Alpha Ecological pest control specialists enjoy the holiday season here in Colorado Springs, CO with a special smile because it makes us think of amazing bugs that light up all over the world. Fatally […]

Is Your Home “Healthy?”

We live in a beautiful region here in the Green River Valley where interior environments are just as important as the quality of our pure Pacific Northwest air. Sometimes, you need help keeping the house in good shape, and we understand that. Alpha Ecological specializes in maintaining residences here in Auburn, WA with eco-friendly pest […]