What Attracts Bugs To Humans?

Seymour Green here with another pest related observation/question from Twitter:

Those first warm days of spring brings everyone outdoors to enjoy the sunshine. But you are not the only ones intrigued by the weather. Bugs, bugs, everywhere seem to have to you and your property targeted for their enjoyment, too.

Why does your skin become a magnet for those flying, creepy crawling pests? Some insects are literally drawn to a person because the skin secretes perspiration, causing body odor. Carbon dioxide in sweat and breath are other major attractants, especially for mosquitoes.

Certain things on your property help to breed a never ending supply of mosquitoes, which are the most obnoxious outdoor party-crashers. Mosquitoes lay eggs and reproduce in stagnant water. Old cans, buckets, or unkempt water features are havens for these blood-seeking pests. Because they are carriers of numerous diseases, mosquitoes have become a major concern for pest control companies.

Bees and wasps search for nectar in flowers and are coaxed by the vibrant colors and sweet scents. A person who has just bathed with a scented soap or shampoo, or has used hairspray, perfume, or suntan lotion will certainly ring the dinner bell for the insect seeking the sweet smells.

There are many products available to the public to get rid of pests, but are they safe? Will they harm pets? Are small children at risk, or will the elderly be in danger?

These questions are important to you and your family, and business owners. A professional pest control company will have answers to satisfy your needs. They are experts in the most effective extermination methods available for every pest. Only the safest products for the environment are used, and careful applications are followed to protect humans and domestic animals.

Homeowners and businesses need to get rid of pests, not only to maintain a comfortable atmosphere, but to insure a safe and healthy one as well.