Pesticide Immune, Gadget Chewing Tawny Crazy Ants

Previously known as the Raspberry crazy ant, the Tawny crazy ant is a breed of insect attracted to your gadget’s wiring. Approximately 1/8 inch long and reddish-brown in color, the tawny crazy ant is immune to pesticides and is difficult to control because their colonies contain multiple queens. Did we mention that they were attracted your electrical equipment? For in 2012 alone, Texas suffered over $146.5 million in damages from crazy ants to electronic devices such as iPhones, computers, laptops, televisions, and other electronic devices.

How are crazy ants attracted to gadgets?

It is not the odor that your electronic device gives off that brings these crazy ants to feast on your device. When a crazy ant chews through an electronic device, it is electrocuted thus releasing pheromones. Crazy ants flock to the location until either your device has no more electricity running through it, or the entire colony has been destroyed by electrocution. Tawny crazy ants make their way into cracks, crevices and openings in almost every device.

How do these ants affect wildlife?

These types of ant have also been observed displacing fire ant populations. One of the researchers studying the ants said, “Fire ants are in many ways very polite. They live in your yard. They form mounds and stay there, and they only interact with you if you step on their mound.”

Nowhere is off limits to the crazy ant, as they will go just about anywhere. They are the worst of any ant infestation seen in the U.S. to date.

Very little is currently known about wildlife being impacted from tawny crazy ants. If you observe affects to wildlife by these ants, report it to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department by submitting a “Wildlife Impact Report”.

Where are crazy ants located?

Texas and Florida as of yet, have been the only states in the U.S. identified as being inhabited by these types of ants. They are highly populated in costal Texas areas such as southeast Houston, Pasadena, Friendswood and more. Cooler weathers will limit the spread of crazy ants to northern areas.

How do I get rid of crazy ants?

-Make sure your home is efficiently sealed from the outside. This means effectively weather stripping your home, sealing spaces by caulking etc.

-After this is done it is crucial to thoroughly clean your home, sanitizing everything and keeping waste away from your home.

-If there is still a problem, you can have a technician come out and bait and dust the indoors. We do not spray inside of the home because of toxicity issues.

-To prevent issues in the future, keep your home clean and keep garbage outside and away from your home. Don’t leave food out anywhere.

Common pesticides and fire ant baits are ineffective against crazy ants. These pests require additional firepower. If your property is suspected of inhabiting these types of ants contact Alpha Pest Control immediately. Alpha Pest Control has 7 locations in Texas and is qualified to deal with these invaders.

Source: Red Orbit