Pest Prevention in Restaurants



Pest prevention is particularly important in restaurants. Rodents and insects have the potential to contaminate food, damage equipment and disturb customers. Health inspectors may take action against an eatery if they feel that it provides inadequate pest control. A major infestation can easily destroy an otherwise promising business. To protect your restaurant’s food and avoid negative reviews, please follow these tips:

Keeping Pests Out

1. Fill any cracks or holes that allow pests to enter the building. Mice and rats don’t like to chew on steel wool, so it’s an excellent material to put in rodent holes. You can keep ants and beetles out by sealing thin cracks with caulk. For better flying pest control, be sure to fix or replace damaged window screens.

2. Don’t let them in the door. Many insects try to invade restaurants when customers come and go; it’s best to install doors that close automatically. You’ll benefit from this simple form of pest control because mice and flies will only have brief chances to enter the building. Never leave a door open, even when there are no insects. You may let in so many mice or rats that extermination becomes necessary.

Removing Food Sources

3. Eliminate feeding areas in and around the restaurant. Thick plastic, ceramic or metal food containers are crucial for effective mouse and rat control. Put lids on garbage cans and empty them regularly. Organize your kitchen supplies and equipment; clutter creates hiding places and makes pest control of mice more difficult. Remember to clean counters, floors and drains frequently.

Green Pest Control

If pest prevention efforts fail, you will need to tackle the infestation as quickly as possible. Never give poison to mice or rats for extermination; they might die in the wall and produce a highly unappetizing odor. A better option is to contact Alpha Ecological for green pest control. Alpha Ecological uses natural methods to deliver safe, effective insect and rat control for your restaurant or home.