Pest Control and Your Pets

From rodents to roaches, early extermination is the key to stopping any type of infestation in its tracks, but what if pests aren’t the only critters living in your home? When pets are part of the family, pest control can get a little tricky. These can cause risks that range from temporary allergic reactions to long-term health problems.

The good news is that you don’t have to choose between a pest-free home and a healthy pet. With the help of green pest control and the four simple safety tips below, you can eliminate pests fast without putting your furry friends in any danger.

1. Say no to do-it-yourself solutions. Although they’re widely available in stores and online, over-the-counter pesticides are packed with some of the harshest chemicals on the market. Plus, without professional training, it’s easy to make a mistake that puts your pets and family at risk for side effects.

2. Hire an eco-friendly pest management company. Thanks to new technology, responsible pest professionals are switching to less toxic, more natural solutions. Alpha Ecological is a strong supporter of green pest control, offering extermination services that are just as effective and far less toxic than traditional pesticides.

3. Prep your living space. Just as you wouldn’t leave your food or clothes out in any areas that are going to be treated for pests, protect your pet by storing its toys, food, bed and bowls in a different room until the chemicals clear.

4. Don’t let your pets play in the danger zone. While hiring green pest control experts should significantly reduce the risk of contamination, it’s a good idea to keep your pet away from all chemically treated areas as an extra precaution.

The next time you have a pest problem, contact Alpha Ecological. Our green pest control procedures keep your home pest-free and your help protect pets from harmful chemicals.